August 11th, 2022

Most homeowners know just how important their roofs are. After all, these structures are the first barrier against the outside elements. They keep moisture out of living spaces, help insulate buildings, and provide reliable protection against countless pests. At Precision Roofing, we think it’s important for consumers to know when they need help from a reputable St. Augustine FL roofing company. After all, although you recognize the value of your home’s roof, it probably largely goes unnoticed until problems arise.

You should never wait until you have a visible roof leak before call a residential roofer for service. Much like many other aspects of your home, your roofing system should be inspected at least once each year. This way, developing issues can be resolved long before they have the chance to spiral out of control. This is also true for commercial buildings. Commercial property owners can avoid countless problems and save cash by having commercial roofing contractors conduct annual inspections.

If you can put pressure on your roof such as by standing on it, be on the lookout for spots that are soft and springy. These are an indication of wood rot. They mean that the roofing substrate has taken in moisture and needs to be replaced. Sagging roofs or roofs with bulging areas are also a sign that this system is failing.

Check out your shingles. If these have dark spots, it means that they have lost a goodly portion of their granules. Shingle granule loss is an indication that a roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. If you have multiple missing shingles or shingles that are bent or curled, these are signs of advanced aging too.

Another indication of roofing problems is the presence of black mold. It may be possible to simply wash this off by hiring a power washing company. However, having a roofer inspect the affected area will give you some insight into why mold is growing, and the opportunity to prevent it from recurring. To find out more about our complete range of capabilities or to request an roof replacement or repair estimate, give us a call today.

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