October 14th, 2020

Although there is no one who is likely to promote a building without a roof, even in the warmest climates, it may not be as apparent that a commercial firm is necessary in order to get the best results for products and insulation. Precision Roofing has the years of experience and knowledge of the industry, which ensure that you get the highest quality products and best installation from our commercial roofing contractors in St. Augustine FL.

Our firm has the knowledge of performance of the various types of roofing products, so we can make recommendations to our customers based on factors such as the type of roof, the age of the existing roof if any, and the budget constraints which may be present. A new roof is a significant investment for most households or businesses, so the best value for the money is important.

Our firm offers a wide selection of materials, colors and styles to make the owner’s preferences possible. Maybe you are fond of a particular material or color which fits into your neighborhood or is a personal preference. We can help you find the right designs for your taste and install it efficiently. We want your roof to attract the type of positive attention that makes the neighbors envious.

Our team of professional installers are experienced and can work on all types of roofs, from flat to steep slopes. They can make suggestions about appearance, durability and appropriate materials. The installation can usually be accomplished quickly, depending upon the size, location and complexity of the structure.

Because home and business owners want a roof which lasts as long as possible, we try to provide guarantees and assurance which are based on actual performance during the unique environmental conditions which exist within our service area. We also can offer regular maintenance consultations to catch and address minor issues before them become major problems.