February 1st, 2022

The winter and fall is terrible period to discover that your roofs are leaking. Fortunately, several signs can help your know the roof has problems before it surprises you at the worst moment. Seeking repair services before such issues get out of hand will save you money and unprecedented hassles in the long run. The discussion below introduces you to the top four signs that indicate the need to hire a reliable Roofing Company in St. Augustine FL.

Sagging Roofs

Having a sagging roof is one of the easiest ways to establish the time to call expert roofers for timely renovation. Due to structural problems, a roof can easily sag in the middle and many other points. Our experts inspect the entire roof for signs of structural issues such as damaged beams and inadequate support that can cause swayback impact. Also, harsh winter comes with loads of snow that can overwhelm integral roofing structures. We thus advise you to call us for prompt repair when you identify a prominent roof sagging.

Accumulated Granules

Asphalt shingles and other roofing materials break after prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Some granules that comprise the shingles disintegrate, making the structures weak and unattractive. When working with reliable residential roofers near me, you can quickly identify such wear and tear in the gutters or at the bottom of the downspouts. At Precision Roofing, we take such warning signs seriously as they can lead to costly damages that can force you to replace the entire roof.

Loose Nails

Missing or loose nails come as another costly issue that needs expert attention. Your roofs get exposed to damages and risk being blown off by intense winter storms. Loose nails cannot offer sufficient support to the shingles and associated structures. Also, lost nails leave holes that provide a path for water to penetrate the attic or other roof parts. We inspect your premises for roof leak detection and repair before seeping water brings mold and structural damages.

Changes in Heating and Cooling Bills

Factors such as damaged siding, poor insulation, and compromised roofing are among the key factors that cause an increase in energy bills at home. When you establish the change in the bills cannot be explained by siding and insulation, call us to come and inspect your roofs for possible damages. Damages roofs release a lot of heat which can cause your HVAC systems to overwork during winter, leading to an increase in energy expenses.